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"I'm not afraid of action pictures,"
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"I had a hard time making Predator 2. The first movie was so good at what it was and Predator 3 is just like a Saturday Night Live sketch."
"The V For Vendetta story was written in the late 80's and takes place in a society in an alternate world and the recent events in London does not affect this scenario. At first, we wanted to release the movie in November but the principal shooting was finished just a few weeks ago and considering all the post-production work which is to be done, especially the special effects, we decided to postpone the release until March 2006."
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"When we finished the first 'Matrix,' we did a research screening. Carrie-Anne Moss rated higher than anybody in the picture. Trinity intrigued them more than Neo or anybody. That was because it was unusual, a hot-looking babe that kicked [butt],"
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"We really haven't marketed to that group. I'm not sure why. We market to urban audiences."
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"It was like a 1930s comic book set in the future. I can't say what it was, but there was something about it that made me think it would work as a movie."
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"I had worked with him back in '83 on 'Weird Science,' ... and we had a great rapport. But then I saw him, I don't know, five years ago at a restaurant where he was completely out of it and rude, and I thought, 'That guy is gone.'"
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