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13 Kevin Weiberg quotes:

"The council was careful to clarify in its vote that the action was based upon the unique circumstances presented in the Baylor situation."
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"Clearly, it's one of our most important events of the year."
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"I don't believe that it is. There is still significant presidential resistance to it, though, that may ultimately cause it to be off the table."
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"There has been no directive from college presidents and chancellors to ask us to research creating a playoff structure,"
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"[The emphasis on the polls] is something we'll go back and look at in future."
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"I think at some future point -- I don't know when that point will arrive -- there has to be an analysis of several factors. There will have to be some analysis of on-field performance, there would have to be a historical review, as well as some attempt to analyze future potential."
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"Harris Interactive has been diligent in creating a voting panel that is balanced, statistically valid, and representative of all I-A conferences and independents."
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"Big 12 teams have been part of the bowl since its inception and we very much appreciate the continued opportunity to have a presence in Houston."
"This particular year, the at-large positions were really filled automatically by rules all of the conferences and Notre Dame agreed to."
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"We'll have to see how it works in practice now. Harris has been great in terms of working with them and constructing the poll. We got a good response from potential voters. But we'll have to see how it works. It is something new."
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"I appreciate how you can get into that spot, but you have to be very careful about the potential ramifications. It hasn't been uncommon to have classes like 28 or 29, but I've never seen one as high as 30."
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"... A 12-game regular season with the opportunity for a conference championship game and a single postseason bowl game is where most presidents and chancellors have been at this point."
"Obviously from a Big 12 perspective, we like seeing Texas in this position, and it's good to see Texas Tech in the top 10,"

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