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29 Marat Safin quotes:

"I've slightly changed my action and movement and tonight it really worked well for me."
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"We have eyes, and we see that not many people are interested in the sports."
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"Also, I got older a little bit. I have more experience so I know what to do. I've just tried to be a little bit more focused in what I'm doing, and it's working."
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"It is a good excuse,"
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"I think he had quite bad losses, for example, in the Davis Cup against us...He was supposed to be in the Top 10. I think it's a little bit a pity because he's quite talented guy. But he can be there, but he needs to be more brave, that's for sure."
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"I was missing a little bit of energy. I got sick two, three days ago, and I'm still little bit weak, so it's difficult to run around and try to make winners all over the court, especially on clay. So I had to work a little bit harder, and unfortunately, I'm not really ready for this."
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"I was missing a little bit of energy. I got sick two, three days ago, and I'm still a little bit weak."
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"it's more actually [that] I need to hold it. I need to hold these feelings and I need to hold it for a long time, as long as I can. Because now it looks like I found my game, I found the confidence that I was missing for past six months. I'll try not to lose it again."
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"We were both fighting against each other and fighting against ourselves, ... Neither us of wanted to lose, and I think that given the [windy] conditions, we played good tennis."
"You need to believe in yourself and I didn't."
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"He's the kind of player that you need to be really careful and really focus from the beginning of the match."
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"I don't understand what Ferrero was complaining about,"
"I've played him many times, six times, but the way he is playing this year, with confidence, to beat him will be very tough. A little bit of luck would be great."
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"There was so much wind, it was tough to play good tennis. I'm having trouble getting my confidence back. But I'm working hard and trying to do it."
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"It was difficult but this was a big step forward in confidence and it feels great."
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"It's still very painful, I have to think about every movement on the court, cannot hit the balls as I would like to,"
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"It's been a tough week for me. But I am satisfied with my game."
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"I took a risk to come here and start a bit early to prepare for the U.S. Open. I?m praying to God so I will be healthy and will be able to play good tennis in the U.S. Open."
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"You can find flaws in Agassi and Sampras, but Federer has none."
"It is very hard for me to switch from clay to grass."

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