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"Free expression of the will of the people through such elections is vital to Azerbaijan's future and to a strengthened U.S.-Azerbaijani relationship."
"Secretary Rice assured the foreign minister that United States activities complied with all US laws and the constitution and that we comply with our international obligations."
"But before we actually present any agreement to the Congress, India needs to take several steps, including the separation of their civilian and military nuclear programs."
"I think the Haitian people are trying to turn a new page in their history. That's what we, the US, as well as other countries working with Haiti, are trying to help them do."
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"Syria is all too happy to let the situation stand as it is, because in their view, there is no percentage in beginning a negotiation with Lebanon on this."
"He has said for a long time he wants to acquire weapons of mass destruction, and we have no choice but to take him seriously. And we will do everything we can to prevent his acquiring these weapons or the materials for these weapons."
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"The people working on drafting the Iraqi constitution have been working very hard over the past months...They will arrive at a solution that meets the needs of the Iraqi people."
"For us, freedom of expression is at the core of our democracy, and it is something that we have shed blood for and treasure."
"This is not the agreement that they signed, and we'll give them some time to reflect on the agreement they signed."
"We have made no changes to our long-standing policy aimed at promoting peace, stability and prosperity in the region. The United States does not support Taiwan independence and opposes unilateral changes to the status quo by either Taiwan or Beijing."
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"We would like to see this resolved as quickly and as peacefully as possible."
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"I think that there is still some open questions with regard to the election results, and I'm not doing to certainly pronounce any winners before there's an official result out of Italy."
"In Bulgaria, Secretary Rice is expected to sign a defense cooperation agreement and discuss bilateral and regional issues."
"We are concerned and remain concerned that the (Uzbek) government is trying to silence human rights activists and media [with] intimidation as well as arrests. I think our views on freedom of speech are well known, so these are very troubling matters, very concerning for us."
"This isn't solely a matter of United States concerns with Syria. Syria has problems with all of its neighbors, virtually all of its neighbors in the region."
"We call on all parties to avoid steps which might threaten cross-strait peace and stability and we of course urge resumption of dialogue between Beijing and Taiwan."
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"There may be some issues related to the fact that there would be US technology included in some of the equipment which Spain has said that it intends to sell to Venezuela."
"It was a constructive conversation over China's role in the region and its future role in the world and how to make China a positive force within the international system."
"The energy issue, I know, is very important to the Indian Government and to the Indian people. That is why we have been working so closely with them on actual implementation of the agreement that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and President Bush concluded when Singh was visiting here."
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"As we have told both Russia and Ukraine, we support a move toward market pricing for energy but believe that such a change should be introduced over time rather than suddenly and unilaterally."
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