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"tax credits remain a critical tool in our ability to attract and retain good jobs in Ohio."
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"These were recreational events with friends, primarily on the weekends, and we don't have a pay-to-play system, ... There is no connection between golf or contributions and state contracts in our administration."
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"We will never forget the passengers of Flight 93, who courageously confronted the terrorists, defeating another planned attack on America. They are the heroes for our times."
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"The secret to great coffee is having it fresh. We roast it fresh on site."
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"Upon becoming aware of my failure to disclose these activities, I promptly notified the Ohio Ethics Commission,"
Author: Taft Quotes Category: Failure Quotes
"There is overwhelming evidence of guilt in this case. ... (He) confessed to the authorities on two separate occasions, and he fully admits he committed these crimes,"
Author: Taft Quotes Category: Guilt Quotes
"For every 10 students who start high school in Ohio, only seven will earn a diploma, only five will enroll is post-secondary institution and of those, fewer that three out of 10 will complete a bachelor's degree within 10 years, ... Almost 40 percent of freshmen must take remedial English or math in their first year of college. A high school diploma should mean that a student is prepared to succeed in college."
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"Yet in this global economy, no jobs are safe. High-speed Internet connections and low-cost, skilled labor overseas are an explosive combination."
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"I am here today to publicly apologize to the people of the state of Ohio for my failure to provide complete financial disclosure statements to the Ohio Ethics Commission as mandated by law, ... I accept total responsibility for my mistake, and I'm sorry."

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