Mitch Kupchak Quotes

13 Mitch Kupchak quotes:

"We understand that the league has a job to do in enforcing disciplinary action, but we disagree with and are disappointed with their ruling."
Author: Kupchak Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"There's a feeling he'll never play again. Anticipating he'll never play again, I don't think there's a doubt he's the premier European player to play in the NBA."
Author: Kupchak Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"We're taking it month-by-month. He's considerably away from being cleared by doctors. A lot depends on the roster situation and where we are as a team. There are certain scenarios where if our roster dictates it and he's ready to go, it's a possibility."
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"What?s that expression? ... Thinking outside the box?"
Author: Kupchak Quotes Category: Expression Quotes
"His playing style was defined by his wittiness and creativity on the court and we think those talents will benefit him in his new off-court career as well."
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"I don't see any ego. It's like, 'Mitch, what do you need me to do?' He'll go anywhere. He's always been a worker, so I'm not surprised, but a lot of guys would not have taken that approach. He loves to contribute, and he loves to work."
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"We did not ask for his approval."
Author: Kupchak Quotes Category: Approval Quotes
"You have to look at the package, his four years in Washington. Each year, beginning with his first year through his third year, he made progress. And then the fourth year did not go well. It just didn't. It didn't go well on the court, it didn't go well off the court. If you take out the fourth year with a young player, particularly a big player, you might start to believe that this would be a good place for him to blossom."
Author: Kupchak Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"He's still a good player, ... I think he's got a lot of good basketball left in him."
Author: Kupchak Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"He's our draft choice. He's in his recovery phase. We want to keep him as close to the organization as possible. He's not under contract. It's really something he does on his own."
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"they have no choice."
Author: Kupchak Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"He said the same thing the first time we hired him. I hope the same thing unfolds."
Author: Kupchak Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"This is a one-time opportunity to take advantage of this situation, and exercising this will give us greater roster flexibility and the ability to improve our team."

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