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Brian Halla Quotes

12 Brian Halla quotes:

"We will immediately cease slugging it out in the PC processor market, which has been dragging down our financial performance for several quarters."
Author: Halla Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"Sales continued soft during the summer quarter. We think, however, we may have touched bottom as bookings in the first quarter improved for the first time in a year."
Author: Halla Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"It's one thing to put this business on the books. It's far more important to maximize the profit from it."
"This was a tough action for us to take, especially because it impacts many people who have served National well. However, given the continuing weakness in the marketplace, it is necessary to conform our resources to the market in order to maximize National's opportunity for long-term success."
Author: Halla Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"What's needed is more funding for basic research, a desire to compete globally and an awareness of the role technology plays in our security and quality of life."
Author: Halla Quotes Category: Awareness Quotes
"While we are encouraged by the recent seasonal improvement in bookings, we still feel it is too early to call the turn, and we remain cautious on the near-term outlook."
Author: Halla Quotes Category: Improvement Quotes
"Due to the low bookings in the fourth quarter we now expect a further decline in sales for the first quarter."
Author: Halla Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"Business conditions were stronger than we had originally anticipated. We reached our interim goal of 60 percent gross margin earlier than we expected and at the same time continued to gain market share in the analog standard linear market."
Author: Halla Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"But the overall economy is still sluggish. As a result, our near-term outlook remains cautious."
"We are ahead of our gross margin goals and we are continuing in the same direction."
Author: Halla Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"The devil is in the details."
Author: Halla Quotes Category: Devil Quotes
"Led by robust analog and wireless sales, we had an outstanding quarter. Focus on execution drove our gross margins to 51 percent, up from 48 percent in the previous quarter."
Author: Halla Quotes Category: Execution Quotes

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