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Ken Lisaius Quotes

10 Ken Lisaius quotes:

"The President was certainly pleased to nominate James Simpson. He's got a long history from his time as commissioner of the MTA to his position as chairman and chief executive officer of Victory Van Lines. He's someone the president feels is very qualified."
Author: Lisaius Quotes Category: History Quotes
"The president has rejected calls to raise taxes. The (White House) Office of Management and Budget will be working with Congress to cut unnecessary spending in the federal budget to handle the concerns raised by Katrina."
Author: Lisaius Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"There is a reality to these storms."
Author: Lisaius Quotes Category: Reality Quotes
"The energy bill makes LNG storage facilities the sole jurisdiction of FERC, which is an independent government agency."
Author: Lisaius Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"She certainly has an impressive professional background, from her time on the Superior Court bench in Connecticut to private practice and corporate practice."
Author: Lisaius Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"My understanding is we've made no announcements about the U.S. attorney position up there."
"He's one man, and it's a big country. While conspiracy theories never fail to astound me, suggesting that he is specifically avoiding one city is ridiculous."
Author: Lisaius Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"We view all these things as issues that we will continue to work with Congress to forward. We don't view this as stalled, we view this as a healthy discussion on health-care priorities and a continuing conversation with members on the Hill about these priorities."
Author: Lisaius Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"Those are all issues that are in the process of being determined."
"She's a proven leader with critical law enforcement experience, just what ICE needs."
Author: Lisaius Quotes Category: Experience Quotes

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