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Bhagwan Rajneesh Quotes

37 Bhagwan Rajneesh quotes:

"Become innocent and you will be bridged with God."
Author: Rajneesh Quotes Category: God Quotes
"I am happy whatever you become; just remain truthful and sincere to your own being."
Author: Rajneesh Quotes Category: Happiness Quotes
"Mind is really a tape recorder. But it is not continuously on, not twenty-four hours on. When needed, the witness, the man of meditation, the man of awareness, is capable of putting the mind on or off. He puts it on when there is some need...."
Author: Rajneesh Quotes Category: Mind Quotes
"One should become so capable that even the closest instrument of mind can be put aside and can be put off. It can be done, it has been done, but it has not been done on a great scale. But more and more it will be done. This is what I am trying to do here with you."
Author: Rajneesh Quotes Category: Mind Quotes
"Your mind has become expert in destroying you, because your life consists of simple things."
Author: Rajneesh Quotes Category: Life Quotes
"When you want any memory you can use the mind just as you can put on your tape recorder."
Author: Rajneesh Quotes Category: Memory Quotes
"I would simply like to be forgiven and forgotten. There is no need to remember me. The need is to remember yourself!"
"My vision of a real humanity is of a world consisting not of families, not of nations, not of races, but only of individuals."
Author: Rajneesh Quotes Category: Humanity Quotes
"From this point, silence and intelligence are just two aspects of the same thing."
"Pleasure is more distracting.... Pleasure tends to make you unconscious."
Author: Rajneesh Quotes Category: Pleasure Quotes
"The answer is in yourself. I just tell you the potential of your being."
Author: Rajneesh Quotes Category: Potential Quotes
"We exist solely because we have a body and a mind – a mind that arises out of the body. If this were true, we would cease to exist after our body was gone."
Author: Rajneesh Quotes Category: Body Quotes
"We transcend the illusions of body and mind, and the separation perpetuated by these illusions. In this dimension, we re-discover the nature of Love for the One Spirit, of which we are all a part."
Author: Rajneesh Quotes Category: Body Quotes
"With me, a new chapter in the history of consciousness begins."
"I don't have a goal, because existence has no goal. It simply is, flowering, blossoming, dancing - but don't ask why. Just an overflow of energy, for no reason at all. I am with existence."
"Drop this ego, drop this idea that you are somebody special."
Author: Rajneesh Quotes Category: Ego Quotes
"From now on, do whatsoever you want, but do it with awareness. Easy and natural are the keys. Don't repress anything, be your own self."
Author: Rajneesh Quotes Category: Awareness Quotes
"You must learn to work without me. You cannot be here always, you have other works to do. You have come from different countries all over the world. For a few days you will be here with me. If you become addicted to my physical presence, then rather than being a help, it may become a disturbance. Because then when you go away, you will miss me. Your meditation should be such here, that it can happen without my presence. Then, wherever you go, the meditation will not in any way be affected."
Author: Rajneesh Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"My vision of a real humanity is of pure individuals relating to each other, but not tied in any relationship. They will be loving to each other, but not being possessive of each other. They will be sharing with each other all their joys and all their blessings, but never even in their dreams thinking of dominating, thinking of enslaving the other person."
Author: Rajneesh Quotes Category: Humanity Quotes
"If what I am saying has anything of truth in it, it will be understood by your heart. But the mind has to give way."
Author: Rajneesh Quotes Category: Heart Quotes

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