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37 Bhagwan Rajneesh quotes:

"I am trying in every possible way to drop all those things, which in the past have been barriers for the revolution to continue and grow."
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"Laughter brings you to reality as it is."
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"A mother is something absolutely new."
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"The root problem of all problems is mind itself. The first thing to be understood is what this mind is, of what stuff it is made; whether it is an entity or just a process; whether it is substantial, or just dreamlike. And unless you know the nature of the mind, you will not be able to solve any problems of your life."
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"...And I am not saying that when you are reborn as a no-mind you cannot use the mind. The mind has its limited uses. Use it."
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"Mind is really a tape recorder. But it is not continuously on, not twenty-four hours on. When needed, the witness, the man of meditation, the man of awareness, is capable of putting the mind on or off. He puts it on when there is some need...."
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"One should become so capable that even the closest instrument of mind can be put aside and can be put off. It can be done, it has been done, but it has not been done on a great scale. But more and more it will be done. This is what I am trying to do here with you."
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"But your mind is very complex, very tricky. It makes simple things complicated. -- that's its work. And for centuries it has been trained for only one thing, to make things so complicated that your life becomes impossible."
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"When you want any memory you can use the mind just as you can put on your tape recorder."
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"Your mind has become expert in destroying you, because your life consists of simple things."
Author: Rajneesh Quotes Category: Life Quotes
"My message of love is absolutely simple; nothing can be more simple than that."
"Just think of a man who wants to sit but cannot sit because he says, I have legs -- how can I sit? Or, think of a man who wants to keep quiet and silent and cannot keep quiet and silent because he says, I have a mind. It is the same."
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"The answer is in yourself. I just tell you the potential of your being."
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"Pleasure is more distracting.... Pleasure tends to make you unconscious."
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"You must learn to work without me. You cannot be here always, you have other works to do. You have come from different countries all over the world. For a few days you will be here with me. If you become addicted to my physical presence, then rather than being a help, it may become a disturbance. Because then when you go away, you will miss me. Your meditation should be such here, that it can happen without my presence. Then, wherever you go, the meditation will not in any way be affected."
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"In pain you can be more meditative than in pleasure.”"
Author: Rajneesh Quotes Category: Pain Quotes
"I'm not going to give you a map. I can give you only a great passion to discover. Yes, a map is not needed; great passion, great desire to discover is needed. Then I leave you alone. Then you go on your own."
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