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"I'm the same age as some of my professors, ... But coming in to teaching later in life gives me an entire whelm of experience to teach the students."
"It is neat to watch something come alive in the (students') eyes, like the 'ah-ha' moment, ... That is awesome."
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"We're very glad to have this group on board. I think with the experience they have and the level of softball they have played at, they will be of great benefit to this successful program."
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"The body was approximately 20 yards off the road in a row of pines and concealed with straw."
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"We're very physically tired, but we're not going to give up until we find the body."
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"They were very active in the community, as far as taking children in. This was not the first or one of the first children that they had taken into their home."
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"My goal is to relate history to the modern day, ... History can give you an advantage because if you control the past, you control the future."
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"That's why he's a great player. He makes all his teammates better, which he did in that game."
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"It's not Bush that I hate. It's the military-industrial complex he represents. Look at Exxon's recent profits if you don't believe me."
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"This area's very rural, there's a lot of timber and flat land and water. Some people would think many of the areas look identical or look similar."
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"That is an issue that we (school administrators) need to stay on top of and make sure that our students and adults who attend our games do not make personal comments to players, coaches and officials. It is something we're definitely aware of."
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