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Mary Smith Quotes

8 Mary Smith quotes:

"Losing the hair doesn't bother me. Winning State means everything to me and the girls. The hair will grow back. I believe in my girls and they know I believe in them. I'll go through the fire for them and they'll go through the fire for me. That's why I said I'd let them shave my head for what I put them through, and I put them through a lot. They did all that training all summer."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Girls Quotes
"It's been great for her. She uses the CUB system to get around and always gets to practice on time."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"She had no more fighting mechanism."
"a load of manure because doctors should be able to go where patients need them."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Doctors Quotes
"I think it is a very important play. It is serious, but it's also lighthearted and funny."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Funny Quotes
"That was a leap year, and he didn't run away. We're enjoying being with each other in our retirement. We never get bored. We play cards together, do crosswords and he likes to cook."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Retirement Quotes
"We've got to see who we can get to serve on a committee and come up with an action plan."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"We still get a lot done in a voluntary fashion."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Fashion Quotes

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