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"Effectively competing in the interactive gaming market for the video game and advertising communities requires careful attention to the intricacies of the industry."
"There's no one form of one single magic bullet in terms of advertising."
"Although the in-game advertising market is still relatively untapped, its promising business model will lead to swift market development. Effectively competing in the interactive gaming market for the video game and advertising communities requires careful attention to the intricacies of the industry."
"People dedicated to committing piracy are going to find ways to do it. Lawsuits and other action by the RIAA serve to remind people that this is illegal activity and that they are being watched."
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"That's an example of the internal backbiting and fighting that led to bad decisions."
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"Women that are able to stay with an exercise program, eat a balanced diet and diminish the stress in their lives is really where it's at,"
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"MTV has done an incredible job of building trust with young music consumers. But there's a line between entertainment and infomercials, and there's a real risk they will damage their brand if they are seen as just another retailer trying to sell something."
"Warner is taking advantage of the P2P architecture, which is a faster, more efficient method of distributing content that requires less bandwidth than traditional download services."
"I know that because my grandfather founded the company."
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"The lack of labor would be a serious threat to future growth."
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"Some of these games also include free access to basic levels that are supported by advertisements that are integrated into the games themselves."
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"We?re quite pleased with the honor."
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"For a period there, they defined the consumer-electronics space. They were the quintessential electronics. Their name personified quality. They were a heck of an innovator."
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"There is a clear bifurcation between older listeners who buy music online versus younger listeners who get it free, ... The Beatles won't bring in a new generation of users but it will boost revenue because it will appeal to the segment of older listeners who are already buying music online."
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"The music on both is pretty much the same. It's the N.F.L. and Ellen DeGeneres that builds a brand in the market, not 30 channels of rock music."
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"What really drives the sales of these things is a breakaway game,"
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"The tools are in place to regulate sales of these game, including a well-known rating system. The problem is that parents, who are often the ones buying these games, are not paying attention to the rating system, and retailers are ignoring the restrictions. There have to be ramifications for those retailers."
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"One of the lessons we've certainly learned is you can't stem the technology tide, ... Peer-to-peer networks are here to stay and that begs the question, 'How do you live and work with them rather than let them be a source of piracy?'"
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"This is a demographic that is very used to listening to digital music. What is a little surprising about it is the actual purchases that are occurring. Generally the under-25 set goes to file sharing before legitimate download services."
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"We're getting more and more products that are competing in essentially the same space."
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