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67 Herbie Hancock quotes:

"Don't be afraid to expand yourself, to step out of your comfort zone. That's where the joy and the adventure lie."
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"The thing that we possess, that machines don't, is the ability to exhibit wisdom."
"Music happens to be an art form that transcends language."
"But I have to be careful not to let the world dazzle me so much that I forget that I'm a husband and a father."
"Not too many people my age really zeroed in on the blues. Most of the people that listened to it were older than teenagers."
"It is people's hearts that move the age."
"I brought my 40 years of jazz experience to the table, ... but I wanted to make something more ambitious than a little box."
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"Things that happen to you are events. It's what you do with them that determine whether they're going to be problems or solutions."
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"It's not exclusive, but inclusive, which is the whole spirit of jazz."
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"It's not the style that motivates me, as much as an attitude of openness that I have when I go into a project."
"Creativity and artistic endeavors have a mission that goes far beyond just making music for the sake of music."
"I think there's a great beauty to having problems. That's one of the ways we learn."
"I try stuff. I synthesize what's of value with some of the other things I have at my disposal."
"When I was coming up, I practiced all the time because I thought if I didn't I couldn't do my best."
"I'm always looking to create new avenues or new visions of music."
"The music becomes something that is its own entity."
"It pulled me like a magnet, jazz did, because it was a way that I could express myself."
Author: Hancock Quotes Category: American Musician Quotes Jazz Quotes
"I'm always interested in looking forward toward the future. Carving out new ways of looking at things."
"Creativity shouldn't be following radio; it should be the other way around."
"In the past, there's always been one leader that has led the pack to development of the music."

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