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67 Herbie Hancock quotes:

"It is people's hearts that move the age."
"You don't need the fame to be vital."
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"That's one of the reasons for the title of the record, Future 2 Future, because here they are creating kind of a new musical approach, underground approach, but coming out of what used to be underground but what has become popular, which is the whole hip-hop scene."
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"But if I'm banging my head against a wall because I can't come up with any ideas, that's not so much fun."
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"Everything has focused on what the technology is capable of doing and making tools and then taking human beings and saying, what can you do with that."
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"When you struggle to reach for something you don't know, that's where the most interesting stuff is."
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"Music happens to be an art form that transcends language."
"But, the truth is that everyone is somebody already."
"The spirit of jazz is the spirit of openness."
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"Jazz has borrowed from other genres of music and also has lent itself to other genres of music."
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"Creativity and artistic endeavors have a mission that goes far beyond just making music for the sake of music."
"Since time is a continuum, the moment is always different, so the music is always different."
"Nobody told me I was a child prodigy."
"I feel a lot more secure about the directions I take, than I might have, had I not practiced Buddhism."
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"Things that happen to you are events. It's what you do with them that determine whether they're going to be problems or solutions."
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"I brought my 40 years of jazz experience to the table, ... but I wanted to make something more ambitious than a little box."
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"Jazz is a music that translates the moment into a sense of inspiration for not only the musicians but for the listeners."
"A lot of this look backwards in society and musically is to find some of the real roots, because they can't find them here. There are roots in the past, but not so much now. Maybe this explains their need to do that, and if that's the case, it's OK."
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"When you try to define a purity as being something that's closed and limited, you're not talking about the music that I play called jazz."
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"So in other words, we were constantly challenged to grow, and that's what a master does."
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