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"with North Korea reneging on a key issue of the new disarmament agreement, U.S. negotiators are trying to keep the six-party talks going because nuclear brinksmanship makes all nations nervous."
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"The breakthrough agreement with North Korea not only diffuses a two-year stalemate but holds out the hope that Pyongyang will return to its international treaty obligations,"
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"The economics of Washington's strained relations with Venezuela could prove costly."
"Foreign Minister Lavrov was clear that Russia remains committed to non proliferation and any Russian compromise proposals are within that context."
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"takes the pressure off the United Nations with regard to North Korea and avoids a contentious debate about sanctions at a time when talks with North Korea had stalled."
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"Although Russia and China have resisted the strong language of the U.N. resolution, the vote is expected to pass,"
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"It is likely there will be a presidential statement. It's not binding, and the Security Council doesn't have to vote."
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