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"I've got a great team of engineers behind this race car. I've got a great bunch of mechanics that make it reliable. This car is developed to go out there and be better than the Reynard, and I feel that it is."
"Dad taught me everything I know. Unfortunately, he didn't teach me everything he knows."
"Every race I run in is in preparation for the Indianapolis 500. Indy is the most important thing in my life. It is what I live for."
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"The only thing that's changed is the competitiveness of the series. It's only become harder to win in our series as the years have gone by. Competition breeds good things, and that's what's happened here."
"I wouldn't mind meeting Eddie Van Halen. That would be great. We need to invite him to a race."
"I don't want to get into anything that would only be halfway. If we're going to commit to it, then we're going to commit to it all the way."
"I tell all the rookies that come into our series and all the young drivers they can come ask me anything at any time, and we'll give them the straight shoot."
"Winning in my business is everything."
"If we get in an accident that's strong enough to break bones, it's going to break bones. What makes me a little bit higher risk is that if I break my right ankle again, I've got a bunch of screws and plates in there, and that would not be good."
"I think the people coming here are finding out a lot about the family that they didn't know,"
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"I think they'd be very proud of what we've done. We honor them as they were fantastic human beings. My folks were the greatest folks a man could ever want, and my brothers were terrific. I wish and hope that they looking down on us would be very happy with what we've accomplished."
"We received a CID [civil investigative demand] from the Justice Dept. and we have responded."
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"I never had very good luck here, ... In an IROC car I crashed, blew a tire in an Indy car, and a Formula 5000 car I ran here I thought I won the race. It was in the rain and the records got washed away, so they took it away from me."
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