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"No, I don't feel like he got what he deserved, but it's a business and sometimes you don't get out of it what you put into it."
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"He's steadily been getting better. There's not been a lot of big mistakes on either of our parts."
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"This is a new year. Last year is the furthest thing from my mind right now. Right now, my (mind-set) is to go out and control the things I can control. I'm not looking for one thing to vindicate me."
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"I'm not saying that I had zero awareness or I didn't know how to play the game. But to see a Pro Bowl player go out there and do it each and every day kind of enlightened me to do what I needed to do to elevate my game."
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"Ultimately, I have to get the guy down. I'm a safety, that's my job. I'll shoulder the blame as far as that goes. But we just blew the call."
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"Jim's a great coach. From a defensive perspective, I know he brings us a lot of things we can hang our hat on. I definitely think he has the ability. I don't know the Packers' criteria for deciding if a guy's good or not, but he definitely has the kind of leadership required. He led the defense to be pretty good."
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