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John Bennett Quotes

6 John Bennett quotes:

"Where Dena was staying weighed very heavily on my mind."
Author: Bennett Quotes Category: Mind Quotes
"It's always good to get a win after you practice hard all summer. It makes the second week of practice a little more fun."
Author: Bennett Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"It's awesome being home, ... It's great to spend time with my wife and kids without having nurses and doctors coming in and out."
Author: Bennett Quotes Category: Doctors Quotes
"It is one of the chief sources of income for the provincial governments. They're actually partners in all of these projects."
Author: Bennett Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"There isn't anything that will happen because of the partnership. It relies entirely on voluntary action and the hope that industry will come forward."
Author: Bennett Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"George Bush has just taken a giant 30-year step backwards in terms of fuel economy for vehicles. He's actually loosened up the rules under the guise of tightening them. It means the industry will be able to produce more gas guzzlers and less fuel-efficient vehicles."

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