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Geoff Regan Quotes

5 Geoff Regan quotes:

"This is a new report but you should know that over the past year and a half disciplinary action has been taken and there have been cases where people have been fired for inappropriate expenses."
Author: Regan Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"Where appropriate and where required, monies will be recovered and disciplinary action will be taken,"
Author: Regan Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"To assume that managing sockeye is like counting trees on a hillside is erroneous and based on a failure to understand what is really happening here,"
Author: Regan Quotes Category: Failure Quotes
"The management of straddling fish stocks, especially on the Nose and the Tail of the Grand Banks, is a highly complicated issue, ... On behalf of Minister Pierre Pettigrew and myself, I want to thank the members of the panel - Arthur May, Derrick Rowe and Dawn Russell - for their analysis and efforts to shed light on possible solutions for this long-standing problem."
Author: Regan Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"The United States Coast Guard has expressed their appreciation of our contribution to the relief efforts."
Author: Regan Quotes Category: Appreciation Quotes

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