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15 Dick Gephardt quotes:

"We fully support the president's decision today to undertake military action with our allies against Iraq. Saddam Hussein's defiance of U.N. weapons inspectors is a clear violation of the international community's determination to ensure that Iraq no longer poses a threat to the region."
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"the only responsible course of action."
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"This President is a miserable failure."
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"If this were a national foreign policy crisis, we would be on the floor this week, ... We should be on the floor this week, talking about ideas that would begin to solve this problem."
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"This congress has spent most of the year debating tax cuts for the wealthiest that left no money for debt reduction, basic appropriations, or anything else,"
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"should have the support of the Congress and the public with sending our service men and women into harm's way. I am very concerned that we have not acted on a resolution of support already."
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"I have not stated in any conversation with anyone that I'm going to run for the presidential nomination."
"We need a leader who can defeat George Bush in November in the general election, and we need a leader who we all know can walk into that Oval Office tomorrow afternoon and be a great president of the United States. That leader is John Kerry, and I'm proud to endorse him to be the president of the United States of America."
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"indicates to me once again that the delay wasn't to go through the committee. The delay was to allow the NRA to lobby."
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"We've got the biggest army on the ground. And we've connected with voters out here ... People are ready to go today. I was all over the state yesterday. We've got lots of excitement."
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"to figure out how we're going to help businesses create jobs, reduce the deficit, simplify the tax code and grow our economy."
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"It's one thing to talk the talk, it's another thing to walk the walk, ... We've got to get labor and environment in these treaties, and we've got to do it when the treaties are before the Congress. That's when it counts."
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"free and fair trade ... policies that raise standards so that everyone does better."
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"They choose the tax cuts over extending the solvency of Social Security and Medicare,"
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"We should all follow the rule of law, and I'm positive the vice president will do that and I think George Bush will do that, ... This Week."
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