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Paul Jackson Quotes

7 Paul Jackson quotes:

"The US is historically extremely litigious and highly opportunistic in these types of class action."
Author: Jackson Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"The creation of this new role reflects a new emphasis on major one-off entertainment evenings. ITV is the home of big, talked-about events that unite mass audiences and we are keen to find more new and exciting opportunities in this area."
Author: Jackson Quotes Category: Creation Quotes
"This is the most significant move in African fashion in the last decade; and represents a major leap forward for our designers. Our goal is to make the world-class talent of South African designers more accessible to international audiences."
Author: Jackson Quotes Category: Fashion Quotes
"You can see how that [approach] can very easily be translated to other consumer entertainment spaces where Microsoft currently doesn't have much of a profile."
"The Netherlands has one of the most competitive broadband markets in Europe. Early on, there was competition in broadband from cable TV operators, which sent prices plummeting and helped boost the use of broadband."
"This is such a new market for advertisers that only some are willing to test the waters before knowing what they're getting for their money. They see the value of videogame advertising in that this is a highly sought-after demographic and difficult to reach through other media. And they'll base their decisions on some of our data that we're doing in a custom fashion. But, for video game advertising to hit critical mass, we need to have that ongoing metric. That's when we'll see explosive growth, like the 56% compounded annual growth we saw in Internet advertising, which we believe is largely due to the measurability of that medium. We think we're going to see similar types of compounded annual growth for video games once we get measurement."
"Ninety per cent of adults have bought into these devices. People tend to replace them every 18 months to two years, whether it's through loss, breakage, theft or the contract expiring."
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