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"We have been in contact with the firm as we are with every late filer. We are assessing what action we might take."
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"There is no doubt about it, that this guy wins. We won games and more importantly I grew as a person, and no one, no one, could take that away from me."
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"I think Bradley's story was a good example of taking an idea and running with it. I think he showed some real leadership in taking an idea and turning it into something really tangible."
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"She's in good spirits; I've spoken to her. She's doing well and keeping it all together, and enjoying very much breathing the fresh air."
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"We know we aren't like Comedy Central or ESPN that serves to entertain. You may never use any part of C-SPAN, but we as a network with all our resources, like to think we are here if you ever do need to use us."
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"I told the girls before the game that it would not be our offense that would win the game, it would be our defense. It is like a Cinderella year for us and the girls really deserve it."
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"This was the best the girls have played on the defensive end in the postseason."
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"Three market participants are down at the moment. As a result they are not able to generate quotations over our network. The market is open and operating otherwise."
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"Certain broker/dealers have been unable to ramp up their technology quickly enough to participate in the new system, ... So, recognizing their technology restraints, we wanted to give them a brief deferral on reporting and the [U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission] agreed to let us do that."
"We're hoping it will showcase local talent."
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"a bunch of lies."

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