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"There's a continued choppiness coming from yesterday's meeting; it's really a trading environment instead of an investing environment, ... Action has been dominated by stories in individual stocks but, to me, it's just continuing the trend of more money chasing few names."
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"I don't expect this economy to show any signs of slowing down. One of the strategists a couple of years ago alluded to the battleship -- you don't stop this battleship in mid-water unless you have a bunch of torpedoes and the anti-aircraft, and the fact of the matter is, there aren't enough torpedoes out there yet,"
"My timing would be that I'd want to start lightening up as we approach the elections, because once again, after the elections, it's conceivable you have a slowing economy. But a lot of things I'm looking at underneath the surface here show me that possibly we're going to have rising inflation at a time when the economy begins to slow. So we're going to see more increases after the elections."
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"Face it, the market really hasn't made much progress. Maybe it's telling you to err on the side of caution."
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"Valuations are typically higher at the beginning of a recovery, but in this case they've run too high, ... Whether you're looking at dividend yields or the P/E going forward, we're just stretched."
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"There is no conviction. Is the economy slowing down or is the red-hot momentum continuing? I think people are really shell shocked by the crazy volatility."
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"There's no conviction for a sustained move but there's just an ongoing rotation, ... Everyone knows now that (interest) rates aren't going to go up for awhile so it's just a recycling of the same money."
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"You've got a bubble in bonds. There is a panic to buy debt just like there was a panic to buy stocks in 1999."
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"This market is going to fool the greatest number of people by doing what it's not supposed to do."
"It's just money circulating among the same groups."
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"It's amazing how investors penalize IBM ( IBM : Research , Estimates ) for the progress they've made over the last few years, ... And, yet they'll pay 100 times revenue for other companies. The second half of this year, it looks very good, very strong for IBM's businesses. I'd continue to buy IBM for portfolios here."
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"The parts are worth more than the whole."
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"[The biggest distraction this week for investors will be] patriotism, ... It's gonna be back and forth all week. After next week, we'll be able to move forward."
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