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Sherwood Boehlert Quotes

10 Sherwood Boehlert quotes:

"[Boehlert cited statistics that showed it is small liberal arts colleges, not research universities, which have the best record of graduating students that will go on to receive Ph.D.s in science, mathematics or engineering.] Hamilton is a classic example, ... This building is a 'breeding ground' for future scientists and engineers."
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"The U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy just this week recommended a partial transfer, and the president's commission on space exploration, headed by former Air Force Secretary Pete Aldridge, is also reportedly considering such an idea, ... I'm skeptical of such moves for a number of reasons, but, in any event, such a move wouldn't necessarily free up funds for space exploration. The assumption behind such recommendations is always that the money should be transferred along with the program, so NASA would actually have less of a 'piggy bank' for exploration after such a transfer occurred."
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"We need to put together a full picture of the actual risks and costs of the space shuttle before deciding whether and how the program should be run."
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"NASA cannot use aeronautics and science as a piggy bank to fund human space flight."
Author: Boehlert Quotes Category: Science Quotes
"A lot of people are impatient, understandably, ... And a lot of people want action as quickly as possible."
Author: Boehlert Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"The question Congress and the administration will still have to grapple with most is not the nature or desirability of the exploration architecture, but rather its timing,"
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"Without a doubt, the biggest beneficiaries of this bill will be the American consumers. They are sick and tired of paying skyrocketing prices for gasoline. They want relief,"
Author: Boehlert Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"take advantage of the technology we already have."
"You're denying resources to programs that serve the middle class and neediest of the needy on the eve of a projected vote to provide tax benefits and breaks to the most advantaged in our society."
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"This bill, more so than any provision in the recently-enacted energy bill, will lessen that dependence,"

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