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22 Peter Morici quotes:

"The overvalued dollar will contribute mightily to the US trade deficit until the Bush administration takes decisive action."
Author: Morici Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"This pace of productivity growth indicates that the U.S. economy has the potential to accomplish 4 percent growth or better without danger of significant inflation."
"These inflation data, along with slowdowns in retail sales and jobs creation, indicate the economy is cooling, except for the red-hot housing sector and recession-proof activities like health care and education, ... But don't look for the Fed to halt interest rate increases anytime soon. The recovery has plenty of life left."
Author: Morici Quotes Category: Creation Quotes
"These data indicate energy sector volatility is not generally affecting prices elsewhere in the economy. Surging productivity growth has permitted most producers to absorb higher energy costs and still enjoy strong profits growth."
"Stagflation is rearing its ugly head, ... Slower consumer spending and disappointing business investment are causing slower growth, high unemployment and wages that lag inflation."
Author: Morici Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"Business investment is increasingly the engine pulling the economy forward."
Author: Morici Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"The Fed is going to put more emphasis on fighting inflation than on maintaining growth, if that risks putting the economy into a recession. It's not a course I would choose. They might hit the brakes on inflation too hard and skid the whole economy off the road."
"I think he wants to take cash out of the company."
Author: Morici Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"GM really has no choice but to do this. It really can't afford to carry the pension benefits it has. It's a matter of choosing to pay benefits it can afford, or getting to a place where it cannot pay anything at all."
Author: Morici Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"The trade deficit remains the single most important tax on U.S. growth and burden on American workers."
Author: Morici Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"These employment gains indicate strong first-quarter economic growth, in the range of 4 percent."
Author: Morici Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"It's lowering growth by one to one-and-a-half percentage points. If we cut the deficit in half, we'd pick up 5 million jobs in three years and the unemployment rate would fall to 4 percent."
Author: Morici Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"After a brief reprieve, the specter of a winter jobs drought looms large and frightening."
Author: Morici Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"The reality is across sectors and across regions the picture is very mixed. The auto sector is not only troubled, but becoming more troubled,"
Author: Morici Quotes Category: Reality Quotes
"It means trouble for GM. They are going to have trouble moving as many vehicles as they did last year and their market share will continue to shrink."
Author: Morici Quotes Category: Trouble Quotes
"If you look at the cash on hand and the market value of the stock, it means that investors' view of the company is that it has no value if you take out the cash."
Author: Morici Quotes Category: Value Quotes
"We don't give them any more market access. They won't have any more sales here, but we should have more sales there. But that deal by itself will not resolve this problem."
Author: Morici Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"Higher [house] prices mean more equity for homeowners and more cash in the hands of consumers. Robust housing sales indicate that the real estate boom will continue to drive the economic recovery."
Author: Morici Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"Large trade deficits divert consumer purchases at Wal-Mart from domestic factories to offshore producers in China and elsewhere. Wages adjusted for inflation will continue to fall as long as American workers must compete with subsidized Chinese imports."
Author: Morici Quotes Category: Trade Quotes
"Were the trade deficit cut in half, GDP would increase by nearly $300 billion, or about $2,000 for every working American."
Author: Morici Quotes Category: Trade Quotes

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