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38 Gordon Brown quotes:

"I believe the monetary authorities have sought to take action to head off the possibility of higher inflation over the course of the next two years."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"It is absolutely critical that we take the actions having agreed that action is necessary,"
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"A world class economy will need world class education - and that means continuing to reform our schools."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Class Quotes
"I don't think anybody should be in any doubt that not only will the reforms continue but in future years they are going to have to be intensified."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"We had a discussion of what we at this historic time could as European Union finance ministers do to improve that process in peace and development,"
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"America knows it has got to deal with its deficit problems so that it, too, can promise it is making its proper and best contributions to the world economy."
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"This is not a time for timidity, ... Nor is it a time to fear reaching too high. This year, the year of the U.N. special summit as well as the year of Britain's G8 presidency in Gleneagles, is our chance to help reverse the fortunes of a continent, and it is our opportunity to help transform the lives of millions."
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"It is our intention that not only is there no safe haven for terrorists, but there is no hiding place for terrorists' money."
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"For we can now understand why it was that a man true to his conscience, in circumstances of such controversy, leave government in a way that not only manifested an absence of rancor but won applause, not just from those who agreed with him but those who disagreed with him."
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"I think Europe has got to face up with America to the fact that protectionist policies are not only damaging the world economy, but damaging in the long run the European and American economies,"
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"In our view, if we are to avoid the disappointments of Seattle and Cancun, then Europe and America must move together and Europe should lead the way in rejecting agricultural protectionism,"
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"There's been some progress, but obviously we want to see some more."
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"The only way we have to compete is by moving in the high value services, high tech industries."
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"I'm hoping to that we can add Sweden, South Africa, China, Australia, Canada."
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"I am delighted that Dr. Greenspan has agreed to be honorary adviser. His advice on issues relating to global economic change will be much appreciated."
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"If 2005 was the year of commitments, 2006 must be the year of delivery. That's why, when the G8 finance ministers meet in Moscow in only a few days time, I will put on the agenda how we can meet the commitments to fund this specific plan."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"modern social and labor market policies."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"I sense a new spirit in Britain: that the people of Britain want this massive demonstration of generosity to be given enduring purpose."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Generosity Quotes British Politician Quotes
"The first action we must take is to tackle the cause of the problem, ensuring concerted global action is taken to bring down world oil prices and stabilize the market for the long term."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"The fundamentals of the world economy are sound, low inflation, relatively stable and sound finances in the major industrial countries, and an ability to build from that so that the future is one that we can face with confidence."

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