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"Our action today demonstrates that we're not going to give carte blanche approval to mergers in the defense industry, ... While industry downsizing can be desirable, or even necessary, we will do what it takes to preserve effective competition."
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"humility is not a prescription for abdicating responsibilities."
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"Let me make clear we are not looking for any financial penalties, ... We're concerned with competition."
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"We are determined to see that competition is maintained,"
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"The lawsuit we have just filed is designed to accomplish one thing -- to protect competition in the airline industry which, in turn, will lower prices and expand choices for our traveling public,"
"This acquisition would lead to higher ticket prices and worse service for the over four million passengers traveling on the routes dominated by the two airlines."
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"The fact that you're going to see the development of monopoly power is perfectly understandable, ... That's what intellectual property is all about. It gives people the incentive to take big risks so that they can make big rewards. We just don't want them to make those rewards over and over again because they as the past victor have a 10-yard advantage in future races."
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