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"[Describing the Saudi action as a] totally shocking move ... The Saudis are stamping their authority on the world oil market, but at the expense of relations within the cartel and the Middle East."
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"Indeed, even if OPEC is not bothered about helping America per say, economic considerations make a lower price as sensible option,"
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"Indeed, even if OPEC is not bothered about helping America per say, economic considerations make a lower price as sensible option."
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"While gasoline was clearly the main driving force behind the market on Friday, there is little doubt that the Middle East tension also provides some upside momentum for crude."
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"The U.S. will respond to this attack in some fashion and there remains a small fear that it may lose some Middle Eastern support as a result."
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"Under normal circumstances, it would be far too soon for OPEC to consider raising production, but these are exceptional circumstances,"
"Recently a former aid, giving evidence against him, said he was running short of funds. Therefore, if he was the instigator of the attacks on the US, another sponsor was likely to be involved."
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"Demand is still strong within China but growth was exceptionally strong last year. That year-on-year growth is narrower is not a surprise."
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"As we go forward, geopolitical issues won't go away over night, but we wouldn't have got to oil at $60 plus without a lot of other factors."
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"There is clearly a risk that this is going to happen, however small that risk may be,"
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"There were a few signs overnight that, although clearly tensions are rising, there is a window of opportunity for some peace settlement over the next three days."
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"It has to be put into perspective. We have strategic stocks which can obviously be used very quickly indeed if necessary."
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