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"Everyone realizes full well that if a military conflict breaks out in Kosovo, it would willy-nilly spread over the neighboring states as well as to the Balkans as a whole,"
Author: Ivanov Quotes Category: Conflict Quotes
"without any artificial delays, without any artificial obstacles."
Author: Ivanov Quotes Category: Obstacles Quotes
"The purpose of this is to coordinate such tasks which would make it possible to break the situation, which makes special threat to the security and stability to Europe, and to direct the events ... towards a peaceful settlement,"
Author: Ivanov Quotes Category: Purpose Quotes
"aggression against a country which needs help and support to retaliate."
Author: Ivanov Quotes Category: Aggression Quotes
"We have discussed the principles today, ... Now we will start to go to the practice."
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"If the United States unilaterally begins military action in relation to Iraq, it would violate the U.N. Charter and, of course, when the U.N. Charter is violated, the Security Council must gather, discuss the situation and make the corresponding decisions,"
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"Iraq's debt to the Russian Federation comes to $8 billion U.S. and as far as the Russian government's position on this, it is not planning any kind of write-off of that debt."
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"There are no issues that cannot be resolved through dialogue and compromise on the basis of existing legislation and the constitution,"
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"any form of international presence requires the agreement of the government of Yugoslavia."
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"Unfortunately, the latest events have shown that we don't have it."
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"We will consider any new resolutions that support the weapons inspectors' work. But we will not support any resolutions that directly or indirectly authorize using force against Iraq,"
Author: Ivanov Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"There is movement -- movement in the right direction,"
Author: Ivanov Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"no intention of interfering in inter-confessional relations."
Author: Ivanov Quotes Category: Intention Quotes
"Carrying out this plan allows not only for reinforcing KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) detachments, but also for carrying out a ground operation. NATO is currently preparing for such an operation,"
"The Iraqi leadership has to understand that this is an unconstructive road toward the worsening of the crisis and the worsening of the suffering of the Iraqi people,"
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"This will without doubt play into the hands of separatists in Kosovo and Montenegro wanting to leave the (Yugoslav) federation,"
Author: Ivanov Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"On some aspects of this question, our opinions coincide, but there are many complicated issues which still remain to be worked out together, ... Our opinion (is) that all sides should refrain from any action which would further complicate the situation and further complicate the work that we are trying to carry out together."
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