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David Orr Quotes

8 David Orr quotes:

"What they [Fed officials] and we are concerned about is the 'staying power' of [consumer] spending in 2002. In particular, there is room for a large decline in motor vehicle sales in the January retail sales report."
Author: Orr Quotes Category: Power Quotes
"We have often noted the Fed tries to choose a policy action that minimizes the consequences of a mistake. Which would have the least negative consequences today: easing too much and setting off an excessively strong rebound or easing too little and allowing the economy to slip back into recession? We would vote for the former."
Author: Orr Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"The report will not comfort the Fed, despite the good headline data, ... The news further back in the pipeline was not good."
Author: Orr Quotes Category: Comfort Quotes
"It's not as bad as we thought, but it's still going in the wrong direction."
Author: Orr Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"We're much more upbeat now than a few weeks ago when there was a sort of creeping anxiety."
Author: Orr Quotes Category: Anxiety Quotes
"My belief all along is the unemployment rate is the key to consumer behavior, ... A 4.5 percent unemployment rate would be more than a half a percentage point above the low of 3.9 percent. If unemployment goes up a half percentage point from its trough, you almost always get a recession subsequently in the next 12 months. There is a snowballing effect that begins to happen once you get too much past that size increase. While it might take a nice round 5.0 percent rate before people get panicked, the snow may already be rolling over them by then."
Author: Orr Quotes Category: Behavior Quotes
"We seriously doubt this report will dissuade the Fed from a 50-basis-point hike today. But if the May 'core' report is also benign and May retail sales are only moderate, that could cause the Fed to take a pass at the June 28 meeting."
Author: Orr Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"More people could die in the aftermath from lack of shelter and food than in the earthquake itself."
Author: Orr Quotes Category: Food Quotes

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