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Rory Bruer Quotes

7 Rory Bruer quotes:

"I wish I knew what was happening, but action just isn't selling. But it ebbs and flows. I don't think action is dead."
Author: Bruer Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"But these things tend to be cyclical. I'm sure action is going to make a comeback."
Author: Bruer Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"The amazing immersive quality of IMAX 3-D will give moviegoers an opportunity to experience the first full-length animated motion picture from Sony Pictures Animation in a very special way. This is a format that has proven especially successful with family features, and the Imax theatre network helps generate incremental revenue for event titles such as Open Season. We are pleased to be an important part of Imax's 2006 lineup."
Author: Bruer Quotes Category: Experience Quotes
"Having a Jim Carrey film over the holidays is a pretty sure bet. Audiences trust he'll have the goods, and they want to laugh and have a good time this time of year."
Author: Bruer Quotes Category: Audiences Quotes
"There's something about (horror) that strikes a chord with audiences. It doesn't depend on a big star as much as a good concept."
Author: Bruer Quotes Category: Audiences Quotes
"People are caught up in the debate over what really happened. The whole idea of exorcisms is intriguing for people."
Author: Bruer Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"It's played to pretty much all audiences -- the younger as well as the older audience, male and female. You have to (play broadly) to get these type of numbers."
Author: Bruer Quotes Category: Audiences Quotes

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