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Ruud Lubbers Quotes

7 Ruud Lubbers quotes:

"The counterpart in Washington then follows a course that amounts to: let him go and we will gain more information. And that is where things start to go wrong"
"Washington requested the Dutch services to inform them fully, but not to take any action so that they could follow Mr. Khan and try to find out what network was developing. So for quite some time, in fact, it was known."
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"his compassion for the world's dispossessed is well-known. This contribution will help to ease their (Afghan's) suffering."
Author: Lubbers Quotes Category: Compassion Quotes
"Believe me, it will be a disaster from a humanitarian perspective."
Author: Lubbers Quotes Category: Disaster Quotes
"I understand from his [Musharraf] perspective that he cannot accept a flood of Afghans coming. I accept that. But those people are really in need ... and the process is going too slow. We have to facilitate those who are badly in need because they have no alternative,"
"The critical point is not our preparedness -- the critical point is the cooperation of the Government of Pakistan at the borders."
"Only, only, when Saddam Hussein does not comply with both the inspections and the consequences of the inspections ... then there can be reason for a military intervention,"

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