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"We would like the end result to be, that Notre Dame follows it's procedures and takes appropriate action in this case."
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"Lynn is a Mount Mercy girl. Her husband, Tom, who is also here tonight, and I are Timon guys. Incidentally, Kevin and Tom grew up together in South Buffalo. They haven't seen each other in 25 years since they were at Holy Family on Tifft Street together."
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"It is the parents who really drive true changes in education, and public education will only improve to the extent that parents are given some say in what's going on in the schools and the president speaking from the bully pulpit is not going to give them that opportunity."
Author: Reilly Quotes Category: Education Quotes
"We are a pay service and thus not regulated by the FCC on issues of content."
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"He truly would have won the race if I hadn't been there, so I was like, 'He deserves to win it.'"
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"We have not had bishops tell us we're treading on the bishops' authority. If they did, we would back off."
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"You can go in a subway. You can go in a health club. You can go in a bunker, and you will still be listening to 50 hours of radio."
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"Either I would not have finished the race at all or finished second because I owed it to him,"
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