Jesse Palmer Quotes

3 Jesse Palmer quotes:

"[Lorenzen] had good poise. He ran his team well, ... had a real nice (throw) off of play action."
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"It's funny - there have been a lot of changes, obviously, since I've been here, and it hasn't really been that long, ... It was great playing with Kerry and Jason and guys like Kurt, and getting a chance to take different things from all those guys."
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"I want the team to be better, ... So it is kind of unfair to be selfish and not try and help my teammates out. I am very competitive, though, and I do want that backup job and I'm playing as hard as I can to get that. I'm not going to not talk to somebody, especially Tim who I've known now since our rookie year together. We came out the same year, so we met at the (scouting) combine."
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