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Jessica Alba Quotes

8 Jessica Alba quotes:

"not smart animals, which is why people do get bit once in a while. I was wearing a wet suit that was silver. So when I move around, it believed my head was a fish. So this shark with his mouth open was coming towards my head. I pushed it away because I freaked out. And the director later told me that that was happening to my double all day. He was like, 'I wasn't sure if it was going to happen to you.' I'm like, 'Thanks for the heads up!'"
Author: Alba Quotes Category: Animals Quotes
"I thought it was my job to give all the boys their first kiss."
Author: Alba Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"When I used to do the action scenes, I would have to play it rough. If you hit an actress accidentally, she would usually take it on the chin and say, `Don't do that again.' But with the guys, they would put ice on it, take a 20-minute break and ask for x-rays. It was unbelievable."
Author: Alba Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"This is a beautiful action thriller -- it's a great date movie -- age appropriate,"
Author: Alba Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"[And being on stage together as presenters] was great, ... And to have the energy of MC Hammer right before us! We were Hammer fans."
Author: Alba Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"[ Proving Hollywood -- let alone society as a whole -- learned nothing from the feature film version of] Bewitched, ... I Dream of Jeannie."
Author: Alba Quotes Category: Hollywood Quotes
"She's really girly and feminine, which is quite funny because Paul is so active and into sports. It's a nice balance for Paul."
Author: Alba Quotes Category: Funny Quotes
"The secret to using power is not to use it. Just having it is enough."
Author: Alba Quotes Category: Power Quotes

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