Slade Gorton Quotes

5 Slade Gorton quotes:

"The Microsoft lawsuit was totally ill-conceived from the beginning. It should have been a private action because it was primarily aimed to benefit a number of Microsoft competitors."
Author: Gorton Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"These are the two best second choices in American history."
Author: Gorton Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"[The site also states that] Maria Cantwell has not taken a clear position on the Microsoft prosecution. ... freedom to innovate."
Author: Gorton Quotes Category: Freedom Quotes
"it is clear that he obstructed justice."
Author: Gorton Quotes Category: Justice Quotes
"It is perhaps accurate ... to describe the Daschle proposals as being 'Sex, Lies and No Videotape,' ... We insisted on a complete search for the truth, on the ability for the Senate to decide whether or not video presentations of these witnesses will be permitted on the floor of the Senate."

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