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Mike Sullivan Quotes

10 Mike Sullivan quotes:

"From my experience, when a team is faced with adversity, the best course of action is to simplify things. Our play away from the puck has to be a priority. We have a talented group of players here, but we have to make more of a commitment to team defense."
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"Children are more susceptible to opening themselves up to crimes via the internet."
Author: Sullivan Quotes Category: Children Quotes
"We are obviously going through a tough time, but we are going in the right direction. We really competed down the stretch and fought our way back. I thought we deserved a better fate."
Author: Sullivan Quotes Category: Fate Quotes
"I thought he did pretty well to be thrown into the fire like that, and against Ottawa who is one of the hottest teams in the league. He's certainly a competitive guy and he battles every minute he's out there,"
Author: Sullivan Quotes Category: Fire Quotes
"I thought he had a tremendous year [in Providence]. I thought he matured physically right in front of our eyes. He got better and better every game that he played. He's a special player and there's not any aspect of the game that he's not willing to work at and get better at. Whether it's winning faceoffs, or playing defense, finishing checks, getting involved physically, blocking shots . . . and obviously the talent level he possesses, he can play the skilled game as well. His game has evolved and I think he'll continue to do so. He's a young kid who is really coming into his own."
Author: Sullivan Quotes Category: Eyes Quotes
"I thought we controlled the play for a certain amount of time. We just weren't able to score any goals."
Author: Sullivan Quotes Category: Goals Quotes
"I think it's terrific. I'm so happy for him that he's worked so hard to get himself back into a condition to play and compete at this level. That, in and of itself, is a testament to the type of guy that he is. So we're ecstatic that's he's participating."
Author: Sullivan Quotes Category: Happiness Quotes
"I think it's a credit to the players themselves. And I think (coach) Scott Gordon does a terrific job with the team in Providence. We play similar ways, so from a tactical standpoint there's not a lot of difference. I think all of those things kind of make the transition a little more seamless."
Author: Sullivan Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"He has made huge strides in a tremendous rookie season. He has taken advantage of our personnel changes and is a big piece of our nucleus going forward."
Author: Sullivan Quotes Category: Advantage Quotes
"I think it is terrific. I'm so happy for him because he has worked so hard to get himself back into a condition where he can compete at this level. That is a testament to the type of guy that he is. We are ecstatic that he is participating in our camp."
Author: Sullivan Quotes Category: Happiness Quotes

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