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13 Mike Miller quotes:

"We need some action. We need some action quickly,"
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"We are pleased to extend the affiliation agreement as the top affiliate of the Detroit Tigers. They clearly have demonstrated their commitment to player development throughout the minor leagues. Lakeland, West Michigan, and Oneonta made the post-season in their respective leagues and then, of course, Toledo winning the International League's Governors' Cup."
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"It boils down to common sense: We just don't want or need to live in a moldy, contaminated environment,"
"My relationship with Coach was good enough that it drew me from South Dakota. That's a long way to go to a school. He was basically like my father up there. You've got to be comfortable with him if you are going to go that far away."
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"Nothing irritates me more than someone campaigning to be elected to a seat and breaking the law of the land. I'd like to see the city adopt a zero tolerance on any sign in a right-of-way."
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"Our goal is not to build a facility for tournaments, ... It is to provide a quality facility for the youth of this city."
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"He's really a good kid. He's a quality kid. And you know what, I think he's proud to be a part of Eastern Illinois basketball."
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"The die is caste for the rest of this decade."
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"[The emerging technology] has made the job more technical and more professional, ... It's a new realm."
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"I'm proud of them. Our players did a great job."
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"It's going to be operated the same as it is now but instead of Suburban doing the management, it's going to be me personally."
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"From our perspective, there is no violation."
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"We played good basketball. I really was pleased. I thought maybe we played with our highest energy level we did all year. I really thought we played with focus. It was a good college basketball game. They were able to make one more play."

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