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"I think the numbers minimize the probability of any action this year."
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"This report is certainly consistent with an economy that is trying to make a recovery, but a weak recovery. When you start to back out the volatile components, it's not all that weak. We're picking it up, but these numbers tell us the economy will come back slowly."
"That's not to say consumer spending will collapse, but there's no doubt it will lag growth in the rest of the economy. I'm hoping [business] capital investment will take up some of the slack."
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"I don't think the recovery is in danger. But I think what we have here is a situation where the Federal Reserve will probably look at the numbers a lot more closely. If we see another two or three economic statistics that surprise us, yes the Fed can pause and not raise rates in August."
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"When the economy is booming and you want to hire new workers, you have to attract them with money. Today, all you have to offer is a job."
"I think a 0.2 percent decline in economic growth due Katrina's impact on oil and the regional economy is a realistic assumption,"
"They (Fed policy makers) know at any point of the time they may need to administer CPR to this economy."
"Outside of the volatile food and energy components, we continue to see that the risk of disinflation [not be to confused with deflation] remains very much alive,"
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"The Fed will raise rates, but they're aware that higher energy prices might do some of their job. And inflation is not so high that they need to panic."
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"Although the current growth environment is not impressive, positive growth is still positive growth. On the darker side of things, however, we must admit that the economy still lacks the growth momentum needed to correct many of the labor market ailments."
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"When you measure [prices of ] both goods and services, you come up with a tame inflation environment, which is policy nirvana. You can apply as much fiscal policy and monetary policy as you want without side effects."
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"When you listen to Greenspan's speech, you hear a fear about the sustainability of economic growth and no inflation pressures. Guess what that spells? Lower interest rates and postponing a return to higher rates, to insure the sustainability of growth."
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"I remain more confident that the consumer will take great comfort in knowing that our government is truly taking care of business."
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"What is giving us protection is all the global competition that we have. That is preventing companies from passing on most of the costs. Even though productivity has been slowing down, it's still fairly significant."
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"Everybody knows energy prices are out of control. But to see the core number coming in line with expectations and the year-over-year figure actually declining tells me the Fed is back on plan to move at a gradual pace (of rate increases.)"
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"Usually the devil is in the details. With this report, the greatest fear is that details of true labor market conditions will be found over the next couple of months instead of in this report."
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"The auction also showed that foreign appetite for our securities remain voracious, which in itself is another positive sign."
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"What the Fed showed was that extraordinary circumstances require an extraordinary strategy. Not only are they moving rates to lows not seen since the early '60s, they're prepared to move them a lot lower."
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"These numbers are suggesting that a future Federal Reserve tightening will be coming to a theater near you quite soon."
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"The consumer credit-to-disposable income ratio is much higher than it was in the '50s, so you can't argue that there is as much excess capacity on the borrowing side as there was in the '50s,"
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