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"He threw a lot of fastballs early -- it was both sides of the plate -- and he was pitching with confidence. We didn't have too many good swings, and he pitched great. We got behind and didn't take many good swings at all."
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"In talking with the doctors last night, he's not going to have the fluids in him. No matter how well he feels today, we'd be a little concerned about when he hit a wall out there. So, it's not the right thing to do."
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"Everybody who's played against Kirby or knows him is saddened. Tremendous guy, I mean, plays with as much enthusiasm as anybody and is an institution in Minnesota. I know Kirby and our prayers are with him."
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"It certainly gets your heart fluttering."
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"It was the one play you can't come home with is a high chopper like that. It was a good read by them."
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"It's a very bright future. Which really can get you cost effective and you can spend some money on pitching."
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"He's been in enough big league dugouts and in enough big league games to understand what it takes. And I'm sure this year has gone a long way for him, too. . . . It'll certainly be in the offing down the road, whether it's sooner or later."
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"Unbelievable. We saw that same performance several times last year, but for a guy who hasn't pitched in I don't know how many days to be as mechanically sound as he was, was pretty impressive."
Author: Melvin Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"He's not going back to the bench tomorrow. He's been great, quality at-bats every time."
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"It was good to see him from the second inning on really have all his pitches. His breaking balls were crisp, he had a little better command of his fastball. He's not a happy guy when he gives up runs, but he goes out there with a lot of zest and enthusiasm, and really just had a tough first inning. The good ones don't let innings affect them."
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"(Daigle) understood where he's come from at the beginning of spring to where he is right now. He passed a lot of guys by."
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"I wouldn't have double-switched and taken Hudson out of the game right there if we didn't have confidence in him. That was big for Andy, because he's the one guy that hasn't gotten a start. He feels like he's a contributor now. He feels a little more part of it."
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"What most developers and builders don't fully realize is that we have another choice."
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"Unless the doctors tell me to shut him down, that's not something I'm thinking about,"
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"It was a tough conversation to have with Casey."
"A guy like him, with his age . . . I said early on in camp that some things like this could happen with him. We just didn't want him to go back out there. We wanted him to get some treatment."
"We've got to find a way to win that game. We had a lot of opportunities to win that game, more opportunities than they did."
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"You have to tip your hat to him. He did pitch a nice game. He mixed everything up and threw a few more fastballs than we expected."
Author: Melvin Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"You're not going to win many games getting two hits."
Author: Melvin Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"Terry's a great influence to have in the clubhouse. He'll take the ball anytime, and he's not scared out there. I'm excited about having him."
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