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"Its name is port authority, not airport authority."
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"I think it's absurd. It would have to be an enormously compelling offer to even have Mr. Jobs stop and consider it for maybe more than five seconds."
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"The engagement with China is in our geopolitical interests. Bringing the Chinese into the fold will give us more influence over them, and if in fact the bilateral agreement is implemented, will give us access to marketing toys in China. There are 300 million children in China, and there's a growing middle class."
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"It's totally unacceptable. We don't want that kind of violence in our city,"
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"The parks have had attendance drift back, but international levels are still off. While domestic travel is has been coming back, about 35 percent of Disney World visits had been from international travelers. And that out-of-country element is just now starting to come back, but that's a third-quarter story, not one that will be seen in this report."
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"it went right, but it ain't right. I tell the boys, 'You live in a white man's world, but you can play the game and win. You just can't give up.' You've got to have love and a sense of humor in beating the system."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"Frankly, they are doing a yeoman's job with the budget they have been given."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Budgets Quotes
"There's no denying Toronto is a hockey town; it's why we are home to the Hockey Hall of Fame."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Fame Quotes
"We have worked this out with our lender and the foreclosure is going away — it's not happening. Their action caught us off-guard. It was a balloon note that was due. It was not because we were late in paying or not paying. It was simply that the term of the note had expired and they had, at the time, decided not to extend it. That has changed. Everything is moving forward and we're still on track."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"There's no denying Toronto is a hockey town; it's why we are home to the Hockey Hall of Fame. The world junior championship will not only showcase our great city to the world, it will ... provide positive social and economic benefits for Torontonians."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Fame Quotes
"The Environmental Protection Fund is a national model and it's something New Yorkers should be proud of."
"I've never believed we needed a port authority, ... It doesn't really perform any function. Shipping is not at a level that it needs it."
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"artificially too high as an indirect incentive to persuade advertisers to buy the 30s instead."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Advertising Quotes
"It was a useful exercise, with some players playing their first game of the season,"
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Exercise Quotes
"We had an important opportunity to participate in this process. We've been working for years to conserve diversity among New York's wildlife species, the Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy provides a framework to ensure this legacy will continue."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"A busy commercial airport doesn't have a place in a vibrant waterfront. The land is too valuable."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Land Quotes
"Anybody who still owns these shares is such a true believer."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Believe Quotes
"It is our responsibility to make the business environment conducive,"
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"Essentially, it is a product of increasing competition. The challenge is that the state schools have the advantage of taxpayer support. Private schools have to compete."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Advantage Quotes

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