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Ayad Allawi Quotes

11 Ayad Allawi quotes:

"leave the holy sites quickly, lay down their weapons and return to the rule of order and law."
Author: Allawi Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"The problem with foreign debt emerges as the most serious obstacle. We are indebted in billions of dollars,"
Author: Allawi Quotes Category: Obstacles Quotes
"Before me, there was another prime minister. His name was Bremer. He ran this country, he had this ministry and a lot of the corruption started then. ... There was no auditing. Airplanes were flying in and the money was handed out in suitcases."
Author: Allawi Quotes Category: Corruption Quotes Prime Minister Quotes
"Freedom and democracy are great goals we should achieve, ... We have great duties to face and stand up to."
Author: Allawi Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"Elections will occur in Iraq on time in January,"
Author: Allawi Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"For half a second, I wondered if I was dreaming. I saw something flickering, and I knew I was not dreaming."
Author: Allawi Quotes Category: Dreams Quotes
"the security situation is still bad."
Author: Allawi Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"We hope they will come to their senses. Otherwise, we have to bring them to face the justice, ... We intend to liberate the people and bring the rule of law to Falluja."
Author: Allawi Quotes Category: Senses Quotes Rule Of Law Quotes
"I hope we can achieve this, but if we cannot, I have no choice but to secure a military solution. I will do so with a heavy heart, for even with the most careful plan, there will be some loss of innocent lives."
Author: Allawi Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"We definitely are going to stick to the timetable of elections in January next year,"
Author: Allawi Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"Out of responsibility for the protection of our dear people, I have ordered the authorities concerned of the Interior Ministry to chase the party that perpetrated this cowardly act and to put an end to their subversive activities,"
Author: Allawi Quotes Category: Authority Quotes

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