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10 Tony Crescenzi quotes:

"The market is of the mind-set that the economy might be poised to rebound, and that will take precedence above all else."
"I believe the current decline in stocks could have a significant influence on the economy -- and hence, bonds -- if the stock decline is sustained."
"The news coverage on today's jobs data will likely be immense, and this will in a sense pummel the consumer with bad news."
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"The productivity advance will also serve as a powerful backstop for the U.S. dollar, as it creates an environment that is good for the rates of return on U.S. assets, especially compared to other countries where both productivity growth and economic growth are lower than in the U.S.,"
"While the results of the September jobs report are impressive and seem to suggest that the underlying strength in labor demand has been unaffected by recent events, the strength could well reflect the lagged effects of past strength in the economy and the data therefore provide much less guidance about the future than might seem obvious."
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"Now the game has changed and there's a greater risk of capital loss. Banks won't take as many chances now."
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"Greenspan usually refrains from saying anything market moving ahead of speeches before Congress,"
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"The Fed is hanging onto its long-term view. Some will say this is just excessive optimism."
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"It looks like he has done it again, just when the market thought he had made potential policy error."
"This just is a reflection of the current environment with oil prices rising, security concerns. All of these factors are pushing players to buy bonds over stocks."

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