Maurice Ravel Quotes

5 Maurice Ravel quotes:

"For Debussy the musician and the man I have had profound admiration, but by nature I'm different from him. I think I have always personally followed a direction opposed to that of the symbolism of Debussy."
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"Another significant influence, other than Chabrier - is from Satie, who had a notable effect on Debussy, on myself, and, to tell the truth, on the majority of modern French composers."
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"The only love affair I have ever had was with music."
Author: Ravel Quotes Category: Love Quotes French Composer Quotes
"Music, I feel, must be emotional first and intellectual second."
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"My intention here is to make it clear that not a single cell of my composition, here in regard to The Raven, is found by chance or intuition, that the composition moved towards perfection with the precision and inevitability of a mathematical equation."
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