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"[Hughes's timing could not have been better. Entering his prime at age 26, he also entered a free agent market in which shooting guards were the most coveted commodity.] Some people probably wish my deal was up last year, ... I kind of raised the stakes a little bit."
"[While watching James's three-point onslaught, Hughes smiled in admiration.] That's my teammate. If he does well, we do well, ... I knew coming here I definitely had a chance to win. I wasn't taking a step backward."
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"The doctors didn't put any limitations on me."
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"No hard feelings, I'm thankful for what they did for me. I think it will be an okay reception, I think they know I had to handle my business. I'm sure some fans will be disappointed that I left and may show it in a negative way."
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"We watch football, play video games, shoot the breeze, joke one another. It's just like hanging with your boys at home. It's different, but it'll keep us together."
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"I am very disappointed that this happened, but I have full confidence that my teammates will play well while I'm out, ... I look forward to getting back as soon as possible."
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"I play defense. That's what I do, and I like doing it. That's tough when you don't get the opportunity to do what you like to do: that's anticipate, beat guys to the spot, get your hands in there, play clean basketball, play good defense."
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"Yeah, I think we're ready. I know we've been tested by our circumstances."
"It was fun playing against my former teammates and my old team, ... We came out with a win and that was our main focus."
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"Their generosity has provided this program with the momentum that it might not otherwise have gotten."
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"[The Wizards said all season that they had every intention of signing Hughes this summer. After the Wizards were swept in the second round of the playoffs by Miami, Hughes said he wanted to return to Washington, where has spent the past three seasons, but he added that he would test the market.] This is where I want to be, ... At the same time, I'm unrestricted. . . . I'll explore my options and I do think I have options."
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"He's doing better. They're still running tests to determine if the heart is rejecting. It's not good, but it's not as bad as it has been in past times that it's happened. It'll be probably a couple months before they get it where they want it to be."
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"I realize that the writers and broadcasters are just trying to do their job with the questions they ask. They are just doing their job. I just try to cooperate at all times because that's part of my job also."
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"That's a tough situation going against him and not have any cushion. Being in foul trouble, you're not able to use your hands or get too close. He was able to gain an advantage, and that's all he needed."
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"It was going pretty good until the other night when he had 17 free throws. That's tough to contain a guy who is already potent on the other end. I have to continue to force him into our help, get a hand up on his jump shot and sometimes make him play a little defense on the other end."
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"I'm real comfortable running the point. I like to move around. He'll definitely get space and open looks (when they are out on the floor together) because it puts pressure on the defense. He's one of the best shooters in the league."
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"We'll get him (Henderson) for that at practice, ... He'll pay."
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"It will be good for us. We're ready. We know what's at hand. We aren't planning on walking to the playoffs because we have the fourth spot."
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"Cleveland, I felt, had an opportunity to take it to the next level. I feel like coming to Cleveland from Washington, Cleveland's basically in the same place Washington is. That really was the deciding factor. I didn't want to go to an organization that was trying to hold things together to just win basketball games. Here, we're putting pieces together so we can advance to the playoffs."
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"This is an opportunity that I couldn't pass up, ... Coming from the situation I was in, I just felt like this is better for me."
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