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18 John Schuerholz quotes:

"His defense was consistent and eye-opening at times, and that got him in the lineup. And the more he played, the more he hit. He was really a big part of our improvement and our success last season."
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"He gets those guys to subjugate their individual egos and blend them into one team ego. It's an ego of one."
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"This is the gold standard,"
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"I hope he gets in there. I think he is a very deserving candidate and wonderful human being. He'd be a very wonderful recipient."
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"This particular camp is probably more beneficial than most because Roger has had the opportunity to acclimate himself to the deliveries of each of these pitchers, to put a face to an arm. He's been watching DVDs and looking at statistics. Now he can humanize these guys. So it's probably been more beneficial than any camp we've had in 16 years, from that standpoint."
"If you assume the worst, you have to also assume with modern medical technology he'll be fixed and may very well be ready for the next several years."
"Our doctors say this is an injury that will heal itself. It just takes time. It may not take quite as much time as 15 days, but we want to make absolutely certain that he's completely healthy before he returns, so we're putting him on the disabled list."
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"Lonnie is, by virtue of what we do and what he does, our adversary. But he does it in a professional way. I'll say that."
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"The best third-base prospect in baseball. He has awesome potential, excellent power and a good glove."
"He really answered the call. The job was up for grabs, with a lot of competition, and he just rose up and took it."
"We almost thought there was no need to interview anyone else. When you have a Hall of Fame manager say, 'I really like this guy,' you listen."
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"With the core group of leaders we have on this team, it has an uplifting effect on all of the rest of the roster. The environment, which they and Bobby and the coaches create, also has an uplifting impact. People rise with the tide of professional expectations. It's happened here for 15 straight years."
"I can't say we have more passion than anyone else, ... I can't say we have more intuititiveness. I can't say we have more creativity or more imagination, or we work harder. Our own internal expectation is to do those things better than everybody else we're competing against. I'm sure everybody else says the same thing, but our guys have found a way to do it."
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"He is an all-American-type kid. He's well-spoken. He's mature beyond his years. He has a winner's quality deeper and broader than any young man I've ever seen."
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"Built to Win. After a lot of soul-searching, Tommy decided he was going to stay. Quite obviously, he was relieved. His wife was relieved. And I was bouncing their son on my knee."
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"What they hear from him is constant support, constant affirmation, constant compliments, because that's his style. He's a positive guy. Even in the midst of difficulties, he's a positive guy."
"He's hardheaded, competitive. I've always had great admiration for him."
"He's dominated in virtually every appearance. He was the best [available] bullpen guy in the industry."

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