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Michelle Abraham Quotes

6 Michelle Abraham quotes:

"The success of competing formats depends on the availability of content. If the content from Hollywood studios is only available in one of the blue laser formats, then I don't see the other technologies being successful."
Author: Abraham Quotes Category: Hollywood Quotes
"There will be a lot of new choices for consumers and operators to make over the next decade."
Author: Abraham Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"In the highly competitive consumer electronics industry, and particularly the rising digital television market, it is critical for a company to get product to market quickly. At the same time, companies must uniquely differentiate consumer electronic products in the highly competitive marketplace. Streamlining the development process and reducing the cost of bringing high quality products to market is essential to the future success of leading CE manufacturers."
Author: Abraham Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"In countries where DTH pay-TV has been available for over five years, as in North America and Europe, the market is mature and subscriber growth is slowing. Where DTH pay-TV platforms were launched after 2000, subscriber growth rates are higher. In India, for example, DTH pay-TV subscribers are expected to have tripled in 2005."
Author: Abraham Quotes Category: America Quotes
"Video CD players weren't necessarily supported by the Hollywood studios, but Indian and Chinese movie studios made content available and people were willing to buy them. I think you could see, to that extent, more than one standard."
Author: Abraham Quotes Category: Hollywood Quotes
"There are a lot of future applications. Videoconferencing through your television is one of the things they're talking about, or being able to chat with friends as the television program is going on."
Author: Abraham Quotes Category: Future Quotes

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