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Michael Goulde Quotes

6 Michael Goulde quotes:

"The question is whether Sun can train its sales force to sell these things. Sun periodically wants to get into and not get into software."
Author: Goulde Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"With document applications, there are few choices, which could be a problem in the long term because there are no guarantees with proprietary software that older formats will be compatible with those developed in the future."
Author: Goulde Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"The first approach was for IBM and Sun to donate their patents to the open-source community and an independent organization, ... [OIN] is another approach that is complementary."
Author: Goulde Quotes Category: Community Quotes
"I think this is a problem for Microsoft only if the company wants it to be a problem."
Author: Goulde Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"Open source today is expected to be 'good enough,' and, most of the time, open-source products meet that expectation or exceed it. When you're paying as much as you pay for Microsoft, by comparison, you expect a lot more than good enough."
Author: Goulde Quotes Category: Expectation Quotes
"If I'm a company that is primarily using Windows servers and I haven't been a big user of Unix, for me to bring Linux into my environment would be a significant expense. I'd have to get people trained, develop policies and procedures and processes. It's building a whole new infrastructure, and if I can avoid doing that why wouldn't I? If I can make use of open source applications and get all the advantages of open source and still run on Windows, why not? Then I can still take advantage of all the expertise I have."
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