Hamid-Reza Asefi Quotes

27 Hamid-Reza Asefi quotes:

"Europeans believe that we should not continue nuclear research activities and we believe we should. Research activities are not part of industrial uranium enrichment and all the countries have the right to do so for the sake of science development. Our activities are under the supervision of the Agency's inspectors and their cameras, so there is nothing to worry about."
Author: Asefi Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"redundant and has no legal value."
Author: Asefi Quotes Category: Value Quotes
"The only way to reach an understanding and to get out of the current situation is talks."
"Better results will definitely be achieved by resorting to negotiations and using respectful language rather than using the language of threats and intimidation."
Author: Asefi Quotes Category: Language Quotes
"The second message is that we cannot accept that international rules are not accepted."
Author: Asefi Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"There is no legal basis to send our case to the Security Council, but even if it goes there the Islamic republic is not scared. Our red line is to guarantee our interests."
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"We are not worried by the Security Council, but it is the wrong method."
Author: Asefi Quotes Category: Security Quotes

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