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Petter Solberg Quotes

6 Petter Solberg quotes:

"The final leaderboard showed that I won the event, but in my mind I finished second, ... Sebastien deserved the win, but I can understand the reasons why he did what he did. But now we all have to keep going - it's what Beef would have wanted."
Author: Solberg Quotes Category: Mind Quotes
"Not perfect, but not bad times. On the second and third stages, the engine was running very warm, so it dropped to three cylinders and cut off the anti-lag from time to time."
Author: Solberg Quotes Category: Running Quotes
"Nothing really to report. We're going as fast as we can and had no major problems. We tried a few small changes to the set-up on the second section but didn't notice any significant improvement."
Author: Solberg Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"It was better this afternoon. I think maybe I'm taking it too carefully, but I really want points here."
"I had an advantage this morning (Friday) in my start position, but the specials 5 and 6 were very hard."
Author: Solberg Quotes Category: Advantage Quotes
"I've got a good feeling, ... No problems at all. I've been pushing a little bit but, when I get a good split time through, I back off. The system seems to be working and I think I'm able to judge the pace quite well."
Author: Solberg Quotes Category: Problems Quotes

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